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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Taboo or Not Taboo" for Caitlin Kunkel

Another piece for Caitlin Kunkel! She teaches a sketch writing class on occasion. 

Looks like my friend Ashley Bales is helping with this one.
Anyway it's happening this Thursday if anyone wants to check it out.

The class choose the title, "Taboo or not Taboo". A few of the ideas pitched involved Hamlet eating a human head (apparently the winner), an Indian Cow being ground into beef, and the pope getting a tatoo.

These were all fun to work on but I was kinda hoping for the third one, to be honest. The first got the vote, though. I made a touched up version of it, to give Caitlin a better idea on how it'll look. 

It also helped me figure out how to approach the final poster.
Which looked like this.

I love doing these. :)

This is happening on Thursday (March 7th), 7:30pm at the Brody Theater so check it out if you can! Tickets are five bucks!

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