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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In case you didn't think I was a big enough nerd...

So there was a fan art contest for the upcoming re-release of Sonic CD. I was working on this bit by bit until I found that I had missed the deadline today! DOH!

Oh well. That just means I can post it here now. Little bland color wise but other than that, I liked how it turned out! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Taking a huge dump!

A SKETCH dump that is! See what I did there?

Last couple of days I've been practicing tying down my sketches. I think I've found a method that works!

This one was just randomly doodling. Loosely sketching it red, tying down the form in black, then shading in blue.

These two were from Ben Caldwell's Fantasy Cartooning book. Lots of fun characters in there!

These were caricatures of people walking by while on a few of my lunch breaks. Started playing with ink, here.

This one's pretty cool! I'd like to try to color this one in. Same with the rest of these!