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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fire Drill at the Brody Theater!

For a good portion of this year, I've been doing improv at the Brody Theater. Every Sunday night, students taking level 2 classes or higher perform on stage. We decided to dub this Fire Drill and Kerry Leek (the director of the show and also one of my teachers) commissioned me to do a poster for it. What you see above is the final result.

It took me a while to finish (I've been getting scheduled overtime at work and I had a few commissions that needed to get done) but I had a lot of fun working on it. Below is the rough layout and the clean-ups/tied-down drawings that I used.

Here are the rough sketches.

Here's another idea that I pitched.

Kerry liked this one but felt the first idea was stronger. Anyway, I'm glad I got this opportunity as it was a lot of fun and I'm pretty proud of the result. Hope you guys like it as well. :)

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