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Thursday, September 29, 2011

OSNAP! sketches

OSNAP! is a little organization here in Portland made up of some of the local animators. Every month we do a little 'Drink and Draw' at the Lucky Lab Pub. This was one of the better turn outs so I thought I'd post my sketches from tonight.

Started off doing some caricatures...

...then I just started doodling.

Finally, one of the girls came up with a rather interesting creature. Half giraffe, half octopus. Giraff-a-puss! Or was it Octo-Raffe? Anyway, we all did our own interpretation of it. Here's mine!

Lots of fun, this was! I hope there's an even stronger turn out next time! :)


  1. Awesome, Nick! I think I like the first caricature the best...or maybe the girafftopus? I have such a soft spot for invertebrates!! Wish I could have made it but stuff came up at the last minute...*sigh*...maybe next month?

  2. These are really great Nick!! I like your characters and your doodle work a lot. And your giraffe octopus mash-up made me laugh, hur hur hur! I wish I could make it to these things more just always seem to have plans, but it looks like a super rad fun happy time!

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, I'd recommend coming to one of these if you have the time. A great way to relax and hang out with other animators!