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Friday, September 10, 2010

Love Birds posting!

I have a few shorts all nice an' story boarded and now that I'm done with school, I have the time to work on them!

Here's a story board panel from the short, Love Birds. This was done a while ago.

I tried to do a clean-up of it (the characters on one layer, the background on another) with Micron Pens and then do a tonal study with some grey felt markers.

Then I done-did the colorins in that fancy ass program, Photoshop!

Ehhhh, needs a little work. Maybe next time I'll work on a larger medium. I need to pay more attention to the general shape of the characters. There are some ugly lumps and bumps here and there. I also should have built the shading from the inside out, starting out with a light grey general shape and getting darker as I tie down the volume. Doing it the opposite way caused some nasty smudges here and there.

Oh well, practice makes perfect. :) I'll probably post the rest of the story boards later.

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